Bangladesh Health Facility Survey (BHFS)

Bangladesh Health Facility Survey (BHFS) is a nationally representative health facility survey designed to assess public, NGO, and private health care facilities in the formal sector of Bangladesh. The survey provides information on the availability of basic and essential health care services and the readiness of health facilities to provide quality client services for child health, maternal and newborn care, family planning, non-communicable diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases), tuberculosis etc.

BHFS 2014 is the third survey of its kind and implemented through a collaborative effort of the National Institute of Population Research and Training (NIPORT) and ICF International, USA. Associates for Community and Population Research, a Bangladeshi private research agency, conducted the field survey with financial support from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and USAID. Like the two previous surveys conducted in 2009 and 2011, the 2014 BHFS collected information from all types of health facilities managed by the government, NGO clinics and hospitals, and private for-profit hospitals in all 64 districts of the country.

Unlike the earlier surveys, BHFS 2014 used standardized questionnaires from the service provision assessment (SPA) component of DHS program to collect information on the availability of services and the preparation of facilities to provide quality, effective, and efficient services to clients. The 2014 BHFS focused primarily on the service readiness indicators that were jointly developed and proposed by WHO, USAID, the World Bank, the International Health Facility Assessment Network (IHFAN), and other stakeholders. The 2014 data are not strictly comparable to the 2009 and 2011 survey results because BHFS 2014 used a different set of questionnaires and defined indicators slightly differently.

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Obtaining Data

BHFS administered two types of questionnaires: facility inventory and questionnaire for service providers. From these questionnaires three types of recode data files using standardized format for same structure across countries have been prepared and uploaded in public domain. Available data files include facility inventory data (BDFC), staff listing data (BDSL), and provider data (BDPV).

The data files are available in user-friendly formats for SPSS, SAS, and STATA users. The data set comes with elaborate documentation regarding variables and related descriptions.

The data files for BHFS 2014 are available for download through The Demographic Health Survey Program's data distribution system. For more details on obtaining and downloading BDHS data please visit:

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