Curriculum Development

NIPORT follows a unique process to develop skill-based curricula to impart effective training. The curriculum development process follows guideline agreed by professionals through a series of workshops. The workshops bring together program managers, researchers, curriculum developers, trainers and trainees of multidisciplinary organizations. For a long period NIPORT, with its long experience, developed a good number of curricula as follows:

  • Program Management for UHFPO, RMO, MO, UFPO, MO (MCH-FP)
  • Financial Management for UHFPO, RMO, MO, UFPO, MO (MCH-FP)
  • Office Management
  • Behavior Change Communication (BCC)
  • Essential Newborn Care (ENC)
  • Basic Training for FWV, FWA & FPI
  • Induction Training for SACMO
  • Team Training for FWA & HA
  • Refresher Training for FWV, SACMO, FPI & FWA
  • Monitoring, Supervision & Follow-up Training for Field Supervisors (AFWO, SI, HI, AHI & FPI).
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