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NIPORT Barta Vol.24 No.3
NOC Ayesha Akter
NOC Md Mahabubur Rahman
NOC Makbul Murshed
NOC Nilufar Islam
NOC Delwara Parveen
NOC Abdur Rahim
Appointment Freedom Fighter Cota
Transfer order, August 30, 2017
NOC Mukta Margaret
NOC Sahida Begum
NIPORT Recruitment Order
NIPORT Barta Volume 24 No. 1&2
NIPORT Annual Report 2015-16
UESD Survey 2016 Provisional Report
Nutrition Booklet Bangla
Nutrition Booklet English
Promotion Order Grade 11-20
GO Shapan Kumar Roy
GO Shapna Rani Roy
Gradation List of NIPORT Staff
Public Hearing Notice issued on January 15, 2017
Training on Health Sector Programme Impact Analysis in Vietnam, April 25 – May 9, 2016
Training on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in the Netherlands, May 23 – June 3, 2016
Leadership Development Training in Thailand, June 16-20, 2016
Data Request Form and Data Sharing Agreement for the 2010 Bangladesh Maternal Mortality and Health Care Survey (BMMS)
APA 2016-17
NIPORT Brochure
Annotated Bibliography Volume X, 2011-13
Annotated Bibliography Volume IX, 2007-10
Annotated Bibliography Volume VIII, 1999-2006
NIPORT Barta Volume 23 No.2
NIPORT Barta Volume 23 No.1
Slums of Urban Bangladesh_Mapping & Census 2005
UHS 2013 Final Report
UHS 2013 Preliminary Report
UHS 2006 Final Report
UESD 2013 Report
UESD 2010 Report
UESD 2006 Report
BHFS 2014 Presentation.
BHFS 2014 Final Report
BHFS 2014 Preliminary Report
BDHS 2014 Policy Presentations
BDHS 2014 Key Indicators Presentations
BDHS 2014 Key Indicators Discussions
BDHS 2014 Divisional Presentation Bangla
BDHS 2011 Preliminary Presentations
BDHS 2011 Policy Presentation Nutrition
BDHS 2011 Policy Presentation NCD
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